Taco had a baby!!

Ok...so YAY, Taco had a baby!!! Well, kinda!! Ok, who is Taco...my brother's turtle that he "rescued" from the roadside near his boss's house. Well, we've had her for a couple of months, probably since the beginning of the summer and it's been BIG FUN having her! So...ok, yeah, we didn't even know officially that she was a SHE...until she LAYED (OR LAID) an EGG! Wow!! She layed/laid the egg today and my mom is so excited! She had already been calling the turtle her "grandbaby" or "grandturtle" so now she's like, "I'm going to be a great-grandmother!" She's so excited that she plans to call her friend in Kentucky and tell her! LOL! I said, "what in the world are you going to do when I have a baby?" She said, "I'll probably call the news!" LOL! But YAY, Taco had a baby, kinda! The egg hasn't hatched and probably won't for about 3 months...and I'm a little concerned because sometimes turtles that have been taken from nature, or whatever, lay eggs that aren't fertile! So...I hope that this turtle egg hatches!! We are so excited in this house! Share in our joy!!


toya said…
I share in your joy - yay for Taco!
Tonyette said…
Thanks, Toya!! :--) We are so excited and now we are all concerned for the egg! Since Taco's been taken from the "wild" or whatever, it's our responsibility to intervene and we are kind of nervous about it!! But we want the egg to hatch, so we just gotta do it!!
Soulfull Diva said…
Yay for TACO!

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