It's ONLY May!

I haven't posted in a little while! Ok, so today is May 31...which normally means (or at least I think it should mean) bringing out the white pants or capris, open-toed sandals and being glad that places like Rita's Italian Ice and Dairy Fresh exist for a little cool-down! But for some reason, it's more like break out the shorts (which I actually don't wear, so...), let's all go barefoot and go to Rita's for DINNER! Is anyone else bothered by how hot it's already been and it's not even summer yet! I cringe at the thought of what it'll be like on the weekend of my birthday (July 3) or the Sunday of our church picnic (usually 3rd Sunday in August!!) Oh gosh!! I shudder to think about it! Oh well, at least it's not winter, right?

Trying to stay cool...


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