What happens in Vegas...

Y'all know the rest! Yes indeedy, sweetie!!! This time next week (Friday, 2/17) will be the 3rd day that I'll be in Vegas ask Sin City...but I don't wanna go over there and come back "needing to hit the altar" as my sister said. So I'll call Vegas "Place where you can go a little crazy but not necessarily sin" City! Although, I think my friend Alyson has "committed" to getting me drunk for the first time in my life! (I think I should be proud that at 26, I've never been drunk! A little tipsy maybe, "nice," sure, but never drunk! Two thumbs up to me!)

I am leaving for Philly (to meet up with my newest sisters aka my friend Alyson and her 2 sisters) on Tuesday and then we're headed to Las Vegas, NV BRIGHT and early on Wednesday morning! Question to myself: Why is it that whenever I seem to go on vacation or have other things to do on my vacation, I always have to be up EARLIER than I get up for work! What's up with that? Case & point, our plane leaves at 7:45am on Wednesday. So what time do I have to get up (so I can look DECENT upon my arrival to Vegas) so we can arrive at the airport "on time"? Sheesh, I shutter to think! And we're taking a shuttle to the airport, so you know you have to be on their schedule and they usually come DUMB EARLY so...gosh, I might as well go to sleep NOW! Goodness, but whatever cause I can sleep on the plane! and when I wake up...Vegas, baby! Ok, so Pittsburgh, but THEN, Vegas, baby! Yeah!

I'll tell you about it the following week...those tidbits which I can divulge, cause hey, after all I AM going to "Place where you can go a little crazy but not necessarily sin" City!


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