Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Aging like a fine wine!

I can "feel" myself getting older! NO! I can't literally feel my bones or skin or anything changing! LOL! But...I can just sense the changes that I'm going through (emotionally, mentally, and yes, some physically) and I gotta say...I'm digging it!
There are things that REALLY excite me now, that just a few years ago, I'd never give a flip about! The idea of decorating my house (the new one that the hubby and I are about to get! I'm speaking it into existence!) is the most thrilling thing to think about these days! I'm like, "ooh, what colors do I want for the master bedroom?" Or, I'll see something in Target and be like "OOH, I could put this in the formal living room"! Or see a throw rug or a pillow somewhere and think "WOW! This would be SO much fun in the family room!" I have to laugh at myself, sometimes!

Another thing: While I still LOVE my fashion blogs (especially the ones by/for plus size women!)...I'm really getting into food blogs! It only makes sense seeing how much I love, love, LOVE to eat! It was probably only a matter of time before I started to get into food blogs! And that has led me to a few blogs where the writers talk about other things, like DIY projects! I'd really love to try to DIY...something! I've been talking about that for a few years. I really want to and soon!

What else? I'm finding myself saying "I don't think I should wear that! I'm too old for that!" and I'm ok with it! Certain trends are for the 18-year-olds. I haven't been one of those in 15 years...and I'm cool with it! I'm embracing my 30s. I think I'm getting better (wiser, more confident, more settled and hey, I'm even prettier!...at least I think so!) as I get older! I am already anticipating my "fabulous at 40" party! I'll start dropping hints to The Husband in about 2 years! LOL! Give him a good long time to prepare!

I figure, since I have to get older anyway...I may as well embrace and enjoy it!