Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter cleaning

So...it's not spring, but I decided that it was time to start cleaning up! I began washing clothes (but that's such an undertaking for me that I'll be talking about that/doing that for weeks to come!) I gave away some of the clothes that I did clean. I washed all the dishes in my house. I swept most of the rooms and even the steps leading to my part of the house. (I live in a duplex-type situation. Working on making the entire house mine!) I took down pictures/decorations/curtains that my aunt left up. I even removed my months-old weave! ;0) I think the burst of energy to clean came from my inward cleaning of sorts! I made some decisions, came to some conclusions and I'm making some changes! One of them is already in effect! I started school last week. In December 2012, I'll have a master's degree! I'm giving myself until my birthday (day before the U.S.' Independence day, but I do accept well-wishes and love for 30 days afterward! I'm TOTALLY serious!) to no longer be employed by my current employer. It's time to make some changes...not just in my head, but out here...in the real world, too!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Years Y'all!

Happy New Years, everyone! Yes, it I know it is actually "Happy New Year", no 's'. Only one new year approaches at a time. I usually say that to be funny! Just like I say "Happy Valentimes day" and stuff like that. Anyway, on a more serious note, it's 2011. This is the start of a new decade! I realized, a few days ago, that in this decade, I will turn 40! It put so many things into perspective for me! Last night, my pastor (Prophetess Judy Peart of Crown of Glory Ministries--shameless plug!) talked about time and how, basically, it's SHORT and that it's NOT promised to anyone so we need to get MOVING! I can't keep "prepping" to do what God created me to do. I've got to just do it! It's scary but it's just TIME! So, my "resolution" for this year is "do whatever God says to do exactly when He says it and to get CRACKING on the things He already told me to do!" It's a run-on sentence but it's my only goal for the year!

Happy 2011!