Saturday, November 26, 2005

I'm so thankful!!!!!!!!!!

So, it's Saturday and Thanksgiving was Thursday. Ok, aside from the WONDERFUL food and FANTASTIC desserts, I was really happy Thursday, just to be alive and well to see another Turkey Day. I had a house to wake up in, a family to eat with and a car to drive me from place to place! So, Thursday, I was grateful!

But two things have happened since Thanksgiving day that have made me more than grateful. I've since realized that I'm BLESSED and for that, I'm forever appreciative!
First, yesterday, I was off work--woke up dizzy and kept drifting in and out of sleep--so one of the few hours that I was actually woke, I watched MTV's True Life: I'm Dead Broke. WOW! It followed three young people: DeMarlon, 21; Alexa, 18; Sandra 22. All three were struggling to deal with poverty! To see people who have literally half (or less) than what I have, but still are willing to fight to make it really moved me. I mean, I was crying and everything!! The guy DeMarlon was determined to help his family (his mom, dad & siblings). Alexa wanted to really get her diploma and a car--though she did have to end up going back home. She had moved out of town in order to better herself. Sandra (and her boyfriend) did what they had to do to get a new place to live. Also, they both eventually found good, steady, full-time jobs! I just kept saying "God I thank YOU!" as I watched because I really don't have "real" reason to complain!! The second thing happened today. My church has an outreach where once a month one or two ministries take food, clothes and/or toiletries down to the Oasis (near Fallsway) Men's Shelter. We also pray with any of the men who want it. I'd gone once before so I kind of knew what to expect. It's always an eye-opener because the men (for the most part) aren't what you'd expect. They aren't just some crazy drunks or junkies. They are men who are "down on their luck" a lot of times. Each time I go, there is one who is my age or a little younger. And I listen to their stories and I'm like "God I thank you!!" because with a few wrong decisions, it could have easily been me on the street!

Sometimes we need something to wake us up & remind us that no matter what our problems are, they could ALWAYS be worse! So, right now, I'm very appreciative...of ALL that I have and all the things I don't have to worry about! I'm glad that the struggles I do suffer are not for mere survival. I am glad for the "little things" these days and I hope that I'll always remember this year's Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving weekend!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

It's almost Thanksgiving...

In years past--especially my college years--as soon as summer was over, I'd be on a countdown to Thanksgiving! This year, not so! Today is Tuesday & Thursday is Thanksgiving, but I'm rather un-excited! When I was at UMES, I'd be like "only 2 months and 16 days until I get to EAT REAL FOOD!" But this year, I'm like "it's whatever!" I wonder what that's about. Is it because I'm getting older? Is it because this year was rather tough and I couldn't even think as far as the next week, let alone months? Hmm...either way, thinking about my mother's cornbread stuffing, I think I can get a little excited now!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

My young boyfriends!

I am watching the Vibe awards right now! (they are SO INCREDIBLY WACK that it actually hurts my feelings but I continue to watch, so what does that say about me!) So, anyway, Kyla Pratt and Robert Ri'chard were presenting! Um HELLO to Robert Ri'chard! He's definitely a yummy young thing! So I was like, "you know, I need to post my young boyfriends' list!"

In order to qualify as a "young boyfriend" the young fellow in question must be at least 18 (not trying to be Roberta Kelly or anything like that!) but is at least 3 years younger than I.
I don't think I have a number one. There are so many YOUNG fine guys that it's actually making me UPSET because I'm like, will I have to marry younger? It's looking like a YES!
Ok, here goes:
  • Omarion: my goodness. He's just the sexiest little thing out there! (If I had to choose a number one, it would probably be him. EXCEPT that he has baby hair! My goodness! Hopefully now that's he's 21--his b-day was 3 days ago and YES I am serious!--he's going to let that junk go!!
  • Robert Ri'chard: whoo, another young yummy. Now that he's actually playing almost adult roles, I feel a little better about finding him attractive
  • Rob Brown: (he "found" Forrester and was in Coach Carter, in case you are like WHO?) nothing's better than a chocolate brown brother!
  • Bow Wow: now, I must admit that I've thought he was cute forever. but since he was like 14 and I was like 21, I'd try to be one of those "he'll be cute when he gets older" women! LOL!
  • Percy Daggs III (didn't know his name until I just looked it up!) He's the cutie on Veronica Mars (and the Nestle Crunch commercials with Shaq.) Ok, so I only saw Veronica Mars once, but for him, I'll be sure to watch again! (plus, I do like Kristen Bell!) I think he's the oldest one on this list, at 23-years-old! Wow, sad! But I don't care!

I think this is it, at least for now! I can always go back and make an addendum!

Cars that go boom...

Yep, so me BEING me, I did the research b/c I couldn't remember the group name of Tigra and Bunny! They were called L'Trimm! Wow, their two "hits" were Grab It...and the aforementioned song! LOL! I remember first of all that I used to think they were wack, even back then!!! I found out that the first album (with the two known songs) was released in 1988, so I was like 9. So for me to think they were wack in the 80s, they MUST have been wack! Ugh! I remember I used to always imitate the "we're Tigra...and Bunny...and we like the boom!" part for laughs! Did anyone know that they released 3 albums? Wow!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Dear Western

This post is SUCH a copy of my friend Toya's post about our high school, Western!
There are some pretty interesting characters that I came across and the funny part is that those people were PAID to be there! Of course I'm referring to the teachers!
Here are a few of my most/least favorite ones:

(9th grade)
Mr. Gogel: my algebra teacher. He was just funny. First of all, he KNOWS he was the dang Oriole bird but I guess he was supposed to keep the identity of the O's bird a secret. So whenever we asked, he always gave the dumbest answers! Even after we SAW HIM in a freakin' commercial! And I didn't like him because I guess I wasn't prepared enough for math (coming from CALVERTON) so when he asked for questions and I said I didn't understand things, he'd say "that's not a question!" Duh, OBVIOUSLY it's not a FREAKIN' question but I don't understand!" Plus he was just quirky and it was kind of funny!

My English teacher: it's actually funny now but I don't remember his name. He was a White guy probably in his thirties. I think we were his last class because I don't remember him being there after I had him. I guess he was really comfortable with us and we with him because I remember he said something smart to me and I responded "well maybe if you learned to iron" because he had on the most wrinkled khakis in, like, history! Plus, I think he liked my friend Iris and I was like, "CHILL on the jungle fever AND the statuatory rape case!" He was just always getting smart and thought he was funny and I was like, uh, hello, you're not! But he was actually pretty cool, for a teacher!

Mr. Baker: my ancient history teacher. Actually his class was cool, but he had one thing that I didn't like. He used to say that he didn't want us to be too comfortable and fall asleep because he knew that history was a boring subject to some. So he opened the window and turned on the fans, even in the winter! Wow! If he's still there, I really HOPE he doesn't do that anymore!

(10th grade)
Um, no one sticks out so I'll skip over 10th grade!
Wait, just remembered someone, Ms. Windhaus! Yes! How could I forget! My goodness!! There is MUCH to say about her! My English teacher. Wow, she was interesting! First of all, at the time that I had her, Bill Clinton was president! She LOVED this man! I mean, it was unbelievable to me how much one could OBSESS over another person, and at the time I marveled at how a Black woman could be like that over a White man.--Hey I was 15 and didn't know things yet!!--She was very, uh, serious about her class and about things were done. We watched Lord of the Flies and she passed out permission slips and the one girl whose mother was TOO DEEP and didn't sign had to leave the classroom while we watched! Wow, the movie WASN'T that serious! One of my favorite (and by favorite, I mean MOST FEARED) classroom activities in Ms. Windhaus' class was the "impromptu speeches." Sheesh! Basically, everyone in the class was assigned a number. My last name is Bethea so I was probably like number 4, let's say. Well every time we had class, at the very beginning, or maybe sometimes the end, she'd have someone pick a number out of a hat or whatever. So, when your number was called (once the number was chosen she'd tell us whose name corresponded) you had to give a speech. Yikes! It was something I dreaded! She was also the faculty advisor to the Sisters for Black Awareness Club and during the meetings my senior year, when he was running again, she'd wear TWO "Vote for Clinton" buttons! (my favorite memory of her class...when I was too ashamed of a paper I wrote so I handed it in 4 days late, and only then because my friend Yalonda made me. my grade on the paper...a whooping FORTY!)

(11th grade)
Mr. Evans: my algebra 2 teacher. Wow, this tall White man who was really RED and who claimed to LOVE hip hop and R & B, was so funny it was ridiculous! He called us all by our last names, so the roll call was always "Beasley...Bethea..." etc and whenever he did call on us, it was the same thing! One song that he referenced quite often was "Cars that go boom" by uh...Tigra and Bunny, I don't remember their group name! they had 2 songs though and the videos came on the Jukebox. (he even had my friend Toya sing it for a grade! PLEASE go take a look at her blog and the entry is called "Westward, Ho!" That's the name of our yearbook, so DON'T joke it!) He'd always be like "Tigra and Bunny" and make this crazy face! And he was always like "ya know, ya know". When he called on you, it was with the index and middle fingers on both hands pointed! Wow! He was SUCH a funny one!

Mr. Gerhard: (again please see Toya's blog but if you are too lazy, then I'll just describe him here for you) this was my U.S. history teacher. (I also had him the next year for Teacher Prep.) He was the GREATEST! First, his appearance! He took the whole monochromatic thing to the EXTREME! He'd dress from HEAD TO FOOT in one color. (well, sometimes he'd branch out and do 2, but it was always just hues of the same color red and burgundy) He'd wear the same color shirt, and sometimes sweater, pants and shoes AND PLASTIC COMB in the back pocket of his pants. Oh no wait, and he usually wore RINGS that had jewels to match as well! One of my favorite outfits was the yellow one! I was quite fond of the blue (light blue!) one as well! He confused me because I used to think he was gay but he mentioned his "lady friend" often and had all these sexual innuendos and double entendres that he always wanted to involve us in! But the man was the BEST! I actually enjoyed US history and Teacher Prep, so...he did something right!

(12th grade)
Last and DEFINITELY not least is Mr. Rey! Oh yes! Yet another English teacher. You know, my English teachers at Western were very special! (in 11th grade, I has, Ms. something with a B. She looked like a Smurf and I thought she was QUITE boring. She was my most boring English teacher, till this very day, actually! But back to Mr. Rey!
Mr. Rey was so many things wrapped into one. He was funny and cool and HARSH (grades-wise) all in one. He pronounced all "S" words and sounds with this extra hissing, so it was like he'd say a story was "exssssciting" and he'd ask "wasn't that sssssensual?" (he seemed to think a lot of things were sensual and sexy!) He gave us the BEST vocabulary words, that we had to use in sentences! (Meretricious, anyone?) Yes! and he graded with such severity that I still, to this day, wonder how I managed to even PASS his class. If you had one subject verb disagreement, it was an automatic C! then, in the 4th quarter (because by then you should have known better!) it was an automatic D! Best believe that I did get SOME Cs and a D during the course of that school year! My proudest moment, getting a B on my exegesis of this WACK poem! (some trash about a sad girl or some junk!) So UMES folks, THAT is why I was able to get As on all Ms. Anderson's papers freshman year. I'd gotten so many Cs & Ds from Mr. Rey that I wanted to NEVER have that feeling again!

That's probably enough so I'll stop there!

Season finale

Uh, yeah, Laguna Beach's season finale was tonight. Um, it was pretty cool; the different kids were leaving for school and whatnot. Um, ok. Tears and hugs and whatever! It was a cool episode and the Most Unworthy Wench was actually showing emotion!! I guess she was sad to be leaving home and all that! At the end of the episode, they showed LC on TRL. She announced that their was a surprise: a season three. Wow, how thrilled was I UNTIL they showed a preview of the new season. Yeah, about that...BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! The new cast is WACK! It's season 2's juniors and the only one we know is Cami, who we saw for like 2 seconds when she was Jason's DISSED prom date! LOL! What? OH, but they did show my young boyfriend, Talan, so I will be at least trying to snatch PEEKS at the show every now and again!
Also, they have another show called "The Hills" and it's basically following Lauren around. Um...nah, thanks! I mean, I'd watch that over the 3rd season of LB, but...
So, now my friends and I are looking forward to the next season of the Gauntlet. Well, my friends are and I'm just looking for the next GOOD thing! Hope that something will fill the void that LB has left!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Patti Patti

Ok, is it just me or Patti Labelle a diva levels above ANYONE else, a woman whom all women should aspire to be like?
Ok, first, I was watching "Living it Up with Patti Labelle." That is such a good show, simply because it's all about Patti. The episode last night was her with Mo'Nique at G. Garvin's restaurant. (I also LOVE Mo'Nique! BTW). Mo'Nique was talking about how she saw Patti at some show when she was like 17 (I turned the channel on a little late and missed some of it) and Patti allowed a fan to come up on stage and get a hug. Mo'Nique was saying how impressed she was and how she loves Patti. Patti, wonderful woman that she is, was so touched that she had tears! Patti is the freaking WOMAN! She was so encouraging! And she had brought Mo'Nique a gift! Ms. Labelle is IT!

Then, I was watching the tribute to her on UPN. Uh...besides the fact that she had a "pound of Vaseline" on her legs--according to my mother--Patti looks phenomenal to be 60! Wow! And yes, she's REALLY nice. I mean, to allow Ashanti to "sing" onstage with her, what a BIG HEART she must have! LOL! Because c'mon, raise your hand if you HONESTLY think that Ashanti can even STAND on the same stage as Patti Labelle! oh, and MY group, Boyz II Men still sound FANTABULOUS! first MAJOR celebrity crush (don't joke me. but y'all know how I am, I don't care anyway!) though: Wanya? Did he gain some marriage weight or is it just me? Wow! But still a cutie! Yeah, about him, though, let's get a different wardrobe. Now I realize that BIIM isn't as in demand as they once were so we see them sort of sporadically (though I don't know why. I STILL love them) but the last 2 or 3 times I've seen him, Wanya has had the same outfit on, basically! Dark jacket, white shirt and jeans with tennis shoes! Boo, what's up with that? Just wanted to get that off my chest! Oh yes and Nelly just seems to get finer and finer! (because I was NOT on him when he first came out! Maybe he's one of those "the older the better" kind of dudes.) But back to the subject at hand, Patti Labelle, now she is hotness personified!


I had missed last week and this weeks's Laguna Beach, but WHOO HOO on my relaxing day off yesterday, I saw this week's episode! and guess what happened, it totally made me an LC fan! Who would have thought, right? And it made me the PRESIDENT of the "Kristin is a wench!" NON-fan club! Ugh, how dare Kristin go to Lauren's party--LATE--not speak to the person whose party AND HOUSE it is, leave early and have Stephen leave with her (and Alex) and AGAIN NOT SPEAK to LC! Ugh!! Feel my disgust, Kristin! Feel it!!

In other news, it's like 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and this is like the first year that I haven't been COUNTING DOWN to eating! I don't know what that means. Maybe I've been too preoccupied to think about it! Oh well, I think it's time to start an official countdown! So...15 days until Turkey Day! Whoo hoo! Maybe I'll actually do some of the cooking this year!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

my current jam (shamefully)

You know how you have that song, or those songs, that you just LOVE but feel a little funny about listening to, let alone loving! You know what I mean, those songs by artists that you promise to yourself to HATE, or about subjects that you swear you'll never listen to, or some combination of both. Well, I have a new "jam of shame!" It's "Shake" by the Ying Yang Twins featuring Pitbull! This song, SADLY is my JAM! I mean, like I LOVE it! I think it's because it has the "din daa daa" song (the club song & song from Breakin' 2: Electric Bugaloo) in it! So maybe the clubhead/fan of that movie -- don't joke me! that movie was IT back in the day! -- in me feels COMPELLED to love that song! I just be jammin' to it! (yes, that was bad grammar. Ok, but so what. It's not like Mr. Rey is grading this!)
Why do I feel so bad about liking it, um...hello, it's by the freakin Ying Yang Twins!! Seriously! I don't think that ANYTHING by them should be my Jam like "Shake" currently is. Secondly, it's CALLED "Shake", for goodness' sake! I just feel some type of way about liking a song called Shake! It's like, what you listening to "oh, it's called 'Shake' girl!" LOL! What? But having said all that, it's my jam!
(PS another "jam of shame" is "the whisper song" remix. what is it about those freakin TWINS! d$mn them!)